Natan Sharansky: Jerusalem Bridges Time and Space

Read the whole thing here, but here’s a taste:

“The driver supplied by Prime Minister Peres asked me and [wife] Avital if we wanted to go straight home, since we hadn’t seen each other in so many years. We said no, first we wanted to go to Jerusalem and the Western Wall. The reason was simple: in order to close the circle. For many years I was an assimilated Jew who knew nothing about our people, our history, or our religion. I knew that I was a Jew only because of one thing: anti-Semitism.

“Our goal was only survival; how to succeed despite anti-Semitism. But a fight merely for survival provides no strength… When did this change? Only when we heard a sentence, an unclear, mystical sentence that somehow got to us in Russia: ‘The Temple Mount is in our hands!’ [sounded by Israeli general Mordechai Gur when Israel forces liberated Jerusalem in the Six Day War in 1967] We didn’t know what the Temple Mount was; we barely knew what Jerusalem was. But suddenly the Russians started treating us with more respect… and suddenly you find, without intending to or having any control, that both your enemies and your friends say: You are connected to Jerusalem! …  And suddenly we, the millions of Jews in Russia, found ourselves again a part of the Jewish Nation, with people working to get us out and to come to Jerusalem.

How do people not get this?


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