getting his way

Someone gave us some chocolate that, well, wasn’t to my taste.  But waste not, want not, so what to do with it?  My FIL has been having an extended sweet tooth, along with his tayvah for deli, so we figured, why not?  A while ago, when he was feeling a little better (and feeling his oats, I guess), he wanted energy bars.  I got him some and that led to major complaints, again, about kosher food.  That kosher food just is horrible, he said.  No, it’s just that kind of energy bar.  You want chocolate, plain and simple.  Yeah, Hershey’s, not this kosher garbage.

Okay, in a mood, not worth correcting him about the kosher stance of Hershey’s.

But this time, the husband brings him the chocolate (too sweet for me; I prefer mine bittersweet and dark dark dark), and he’s good to go.  Before he takes it to him, he reads the label, the “nutritional value.”

Hah!  It actually has 45% of one’s daily requirement of iron!  Now, my FIL is very anemic.  Could it be that’s why he desires this chocolate?  And by that account, also the deli?

Nah.  He has always had a sweet tooth, and food is one of the only things that gives him pleasure these days, along with his Spanish princesses.

So today, when the husband goes back, he sees that the box is already half-gone.  Wow, you must really like the chocolate!

Nah.  It’s not sweet enough.  But the ladies really like it, and it’s really good to help me get what I want.


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