things that annoy me but

not enough to do very much about:

  1. People who don’t shovel their walks enough so that they connect to their neighbor’s.  They’re basically declaring by their laziness that they are the end of the world; no one needs to go past their yards.  I have to admit that we don’t have a walk; and we don’t always do a great job of our driveway, either.  But it still annoys me.
  2. People who have their car radios on so loud that the earth shakes from the vibration.  Audiology is the upcoming field, for sure.
  3. Bad grammar; bad spelling.  Not caring enough to know the difference.   Especially people who write harangues against (could you write a harangue for?) articles/blog entries.  They seem to go on ad nauseum without taking a moment to review and correct blatant errors, sort of like how this is going at the moment.  Actually, a pre-bar mitzvah boy just sent the husband the draft of his speech where he talks all about adultery.  Clearly, he did use spell-check, which turned “idolatry” into adultery.  There were some other examples of odd words that shows how little spell-check knows of our world.  At least he tried.   A little.

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