my husband thinks he’s a teenager

or else he’s really really old.

He listens to the car radio or to the CD or whatever is on so loud that it hurts.  I have to remember to immediately turn down the radio as soon as I turn on the engine or I get my ear drums blasted.

Why does he like it that loud?

He says that when he’s on the highway, it’s hard to hear it unless it’s that loud, and he enjoys big symphonies, etc.

But we don’t live on the highway, dear.

Daughter #1 has a deal with her very tall husband; they both remember to adjust the seat to fit the other driver as they leave the driver’s seat.

I’m impressed with that; it’s menschlichkeit of some significance.

I’ll be happy as long as I remember to turn it down myself and not count on higher expectations.  I guess after 34 years, like in Fiddler, it’s enough.


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