no, you’re the Spanish general

I’m going to get this not completely correct, because my memory isn’t so good.  Not that it’s going downhill–it never was uphill, really.  Certain things I remember completely–and there are plenty of brain studies that explain why people remember some things with clarity and others not so much, mostly about whether or not it has emotional connections.   You know, connecting the dots is tricky for most of us.

So even if I criticize some people for not remembering details, I’ll admit that I’m not going to remember them here, mostly because the material isn’t mine to begin with.  This is about my father-in-law.  Should we just do FIL?  Well, FIL is feeling better because he’s recently had another blood transfusion. He’s so hip that he’s into vampires; I’m sure that’s why he needs to do it. Or for other reasons, such as they (the mechanics we call doctors) can’t figure out how to stop him from losing so much blood, even to the point that they (the gatekeeping “care”givers) asked the husband if he has given any thought about palliative care.


Even though he has a clear mind, pretty much, sometimes FIL does dip into an interesting alternative universe, the one where it’s hard to distinguish between this reality and a more pleasant one.

He has been having a lot of vivid dreams, and he doesn’t admit that they are dreams.  More and more, he’s choosing to believe that the dreams are not just real, but override any other kind of real.

A while ago, he started telling his son/my husband about being engaged to a Spanish general’s daughter.

Now this is where my memory fails me–but please take note that this is second-hand storytelling, so I don’t have the first level of emotional connection.

But basically, that’s it.  He didn’t know why he couldn’t get married to the girl (was it instead of his wife?  Was it before or after being married for almost 50 years?); only that dealing with this man (the general, not my FIL!) was a bit tough.  Questions like “What did Mom have to say about you getting married?” didn’t make any impact.  And even a few days after he had the dream/image/recalled memory, he claimed that it was of course, true.

Yesterday, he called in the morning to complain that they were making him get up and he was still really tired, even though he knew he had a job that was due shortly, since it was the beginning of the month and he knew he had to get it out.  He hasn’t worked for oh, a lot of years now, so except for getting to doctors’ appointments, or maybe for physical therapy, or to stretch it even a bit more, to funerals, he hasn’t had deadlines to make for a while.

Okay, good points; he actually used his cellphone, which he’s been complaining about for a while; it’s too small.

No, can’t think of anything else good about it.


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