what is the magic of 34?

We recently celebrated our 34th anniversary.

Apparently, so did Artscroll.

So, the husband and I are happy to celebrate this year because every year is another reason to celebrate.  But 34 is not known, at least by me, to be one of those that you feel entitled to make a big big deal about; just a nice enjoy and honor and cherish the years and the commitment.

So, what is the reason that Artscroll needs to make the big deal?

My sense is that they are feeling a bit threatened by the publication and I would say success of the newly translated Koren siddur.  I know that my shul has been replacing the falling apart Artscroll siddurim with the Koren, thanks to some lovely donations.   Sir Jonathan Sacks always makes everything interesting, and his introduction (not that I’ve finished it yet) is worthwhile in the goal of making tefillah more meaningful.  Here’s a review of the development of the siddur itself and here’s an interesting review of some of the reasons why people are gravitating towards it.

And then there’s this one, that really hits the nail on the head about how the MO community has just about had enough of putting up with the hareidi monolithic revisionism.

Actually, I just saw that there is someone that says opal is the traditional gift for the 34th anniversary.  Yes, I’m wondering, who decides these kinds of things?  And what’s perhaps more interesting, it also says that jade is for the 35th.  So, this leads me to one of my typical puns.  Artscroll has to celebrate before it becomes jaded.

So then, I guess when you sense that your number may be up, every year is a good year to celebrate.


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