yes, toilet paper

We cannot be so bold to think that our bottoms deserve the destruction of old forest trees.  But you see, we inherited dozens of rolls of such soft soft toilet paper from my father-in-law when we packed up his apartment.  We are still using that up.  But with my predilection/obsession with having things in stock, I like to have an ample supply.  Not dozens of rolls, but ample.  So I went to get some from the store.

Shall we go green,  then?  Okay, Marcal it is.  I can feel less guilty about one thing in my life.

Except it’s lousy.  Well, it’s just not soft enough.  We can do better.

Even in Israel, they have nice paper these days.  When I first went to Israel back in 1968 and then even again when I spent the year/years there in the 70’s, the paper was green and nasty.  It was more like paper towels.  But that was part of living in a third world country, and you just put up with it.   Now, though, Israel has all the conveniences of home, really.  And a lot of other advantages, of course.  You don’t have to feel like you’re giving up things to live there.

Here, though, we have the liberty of making moral choices about toilet paper, we should have the moral sense of humor to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

And if you want to learn more than you ever thought possible about the history of toilet paper, you can read this.    And then, just for fun, also watch this .

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