I met someone who was wearing pink rain boots.

And a pink jacket.

I complimented her on them, that she was bringing light into the darkness of winter.  She delightfully said that she knows she looks good in pink and she looks horrible in black.  “Good for you!”, I said, then realizing I was, indeed, dressed in black.  Well, I did have a maroon skirt on, almost a statement against black.

Then she told me about her 16 year-old daughter who is astonished how her peer group already has gone to the dark side.  “Why is it that everyone has to dress like they’re going to a funeral?”, she asks.

Smart kid!  They’re told or they tell each other that it’s more tzanua, more modest.  They’re actually probably told “it’s tzniyussss.”  Wrong grammar gets me, except if done on purpose.

Then she tells me about an Israeli who also complained to her about the tzniyuss police in our holy land.  She did it with an Israeli accent to make it even more over the top, so supply your own.  I’ll put in the italics so that you think it’s in a foreign language.

What isss with the pepul who tell us we can’t even use blow dryers.

My acquaintance thought she heard wrong.  What could be wrong with blow dryers?  Maybe she meant…no, what could she mean?

They say ven our hairrr is done it isn’t tzniyussss.

Even Israelis are saying that way.  Oy.

Zhey vant us to look all vet and yuuuck all ze time!!!

Agreed.  But who’s the zhey?  I know that part of it is a Manhattan black experience, the part that is in the New York metro area.  But the frum wearing black is more than dreary city living.   Whatever it started out as, it has turned into the epitome of seeing the world in black and well, not black.   You’re either for us or against us.  No greys.

Or is it grays?  I never understood the difference between the spelling.

So as we have Tu B’Shvat coming up this week, and as the world starts turning to pink, with Israel leading, let’s all embrace pink!

Metaphorically, of course.


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