it’s France’s fault, apparently

Background is essential for understanding any situation.  I saw a report on TV that helped explain why Haiti is so desperately poor so that there was such dire infrastructure.

Here is the most ironic part of it:

Haiti became the only nation to gain independence by a slave-led rebellion. Its new flag was derived from the French tricolor, which was turned on its side – and the white stripe symbolically stripped off.

But before withdrawing in 1825, France had demanded reparations for the loss of its economic and human property of 150 million francs – about $21 billion in today’s money.

Twenty-one billion dollars . . . a crushing debt which, though later reduced, Haiti would not pay off until 1947. As a result, the young country never really got on its feet.

And people wonder why people are so cavalier about increasing debt in our country today.


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