do they know how funny this is part deux

or should I say duh.

5.  Most Outrageous

When her sister-in-law gave birth in the car, a dependable GM bag ws used to wrap the newborn for transport from parking lot to Laniado Hospital, Israel.

Ewwww, especially combined with the previous one.

6.  Oldest Entry

GM shopper for more than 21 years–she grew up and obviously Glatt Smarter!

Who wrote their copy?

7.  Most Creative Usage

In pre-cell phone era, tied GM bags on car antennas when taking a family Chol Hamoed trip, to easily spot all cars in their caravan.

Obvious question–what if everyone else did, too?

8.  Best Lost & Found

Dirty shirts in GM bag intended for cleaners, was tossed into the garbage by the cleaning lady.  Not to fear, the bright orange bag “stuck out like a sore thumb” in the Fresh Kills Landfill!

I couldn’t have said it better.

9.  Most Educational

Used BM bags as aprons, when Brooklyn College Hillel students baked challah to sell on the college campus to raise money for tzedakah.

Okay this one I like.

And now, drum roll, please……………

10.  Saved the Most Money

Her wig was salvaged from the garbage dump on October 29, after a neighbor mistakenly trashed it thinking the orange bag left on his door with a “rat” inside was a Holiday prank.  Thanks to the easily identifiable and sturdy GM bag, the shaitel was in mint condition.

There are no words…

These weren’t even the winners.  They announced the winners the following week, but I didn’t think they were as good.  I think in this case, it really is an honor to be mentioned.


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