do they know how funny this is?

Found in a recent edition of the Jewish Press:

I looked for it online–couldn’t find it.  So I had to reproduce it for you here.  It’s worth it:).

From Friday, December 25, ‘way back in ’09, on page 25, if it matters:

Actually (is there any wonder why kids pick this word up early?), I made it easier for myself and hopefully will now reproduce it for you visually so you, too, can get the whole effect:

Hmm.  Technical difficulties.  You can see the idea, but I will quote the funny parts now.

1. Most Far Flung Entry

Mishap in Hong Kong?  It appears “Birds Do It” in Hong Kong too!  So when gifted with a downpour of unexpected tidings–the fashionably smart Glatt Mart bag replaced the tichel with style and aplomb!

2.  Most Creative Picture

To prevent thieves from breaking into their car for their GPS nativation system, they used a Glatt Mart bag as a Glatt Mart Product Security bag, securing their GPS and its wires winin, figuring that no one would break in to steal some poultry!

3.  Most Dangerous (okay this one isn’t funny.  It’s quite infuriating.)

When climbing in Ein Gedi, she left her Glatt Mart bag of provisions unsupervised for a couple of minutes.  Upon her descent, she discovered her suspect bag suspended from the end of an Israeli soldier’s rifle, dangling over the edge of the cliff.  After rescuing her “Chefetz Chashud”, she shared her nosh with the soldiers.

4.  Saved the Day

Used Glatt Mart bag as a “trusty orange shield of armor” at local Kapparos center.

On that note, I’ll stop now.  Believe me, that’s not the most outrageous.  That’s what the next one is labeled.  but i think that the last is best.


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