how do our reactions matter?

If I get upset about the Leib Tropper affair, does the world start seeing the forest?  Or is the Jewish frum world so scared of the natural world that they only see the paper and can’t even trace it back to the trees?

If I write about it, how can it make a difference?  Will the rabbis who denounce this monster take responsibility for treating women with respect?  This seems to be the biggest problem in this whole mess–they took advantage of women without any fear.  Yes, they took advantage of everyone monetarily, which made the guy so rich that he felt like he was invincible and thus could wield power over so many other people.  But it was still bottom-line against women, and he was caught with his pants down.  But it took a long long time for him to get caught, and there wasn’t any guarantee that he would have, save the bravery of the woman who couldn’t take and spoke out.

The men who are saying how terrible the whole situation is still aren’t connecting the dots.  They’re not seeing or saying that we have to pay attention to how we treat women.  They are looking at the ger and correctly saying that we have to treat the convert with respect, but here is a deeper problem that I have not seen addressed in this context.

So if women are allowed to be victimized; if we don’t scream out to protect women, then we are not even as good as the basic level of the Torah, where the widow and orphans were protected.  This should have been the start of the ethics of learning to convert.  Maybe we should be looking to start an organization to convert Hareidim to Modern Orthodoxy.

Or to anything else.

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