some synonyms, please

I think the question is not of authentic Judaism; that everyone can claim and no one really has the authority (despite das Torah) to deny that.  The real question is of vitalization and of revitalization of Judaism.  So we need a new title for what we want.  Certainly this vertical power-hungry model is not working, but neither is the horizontal, where everyone is the same.

Here’s a silly example of the silliness of authenticity:  the Rebecca doll of the American doll set.  Read this article, if you haven’t already, to reinforce the idea.  This is the silly subset of the Jewish angle of the American Doll phenomenon (I know; I’m really jealous that I didn’t think of the whole thing first); it is even worse with the whole homeless doll for what was it?  $95 a pop and none of the proceeds going to help the homeless?  I mean, really…

So where do we stand?  What do we stand for?  Spending time outside my home, I see lots of things not comfortable at all in defining our people.  There is so much going on in Israel now with the limitations and the us against them mentalities.  It is so sad that the Al HaNisim prayer that we say for Hanukkah, with all the mentioning of the dichotomies of values, is really under attack  today.  Are we the strong against the weak, as the world claims?  Are we the holy?  The pure?  But maybe that’s okay that we have to do some introspection, since we do have to figure ourselves out.  When there is so much lack of respect for different groups (but do I respect those who don’t respect me?  Which comes first?  I’m certainly shocked how I can still get shocked at the debasement of some Jewish “gedolim” and yet, they still don’t respect me as a woman)  we don’t really stand a chance against our enemies, do we?


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