grandbaby #7.

I don’t hardly remember becoming a mother.  Oh that’s not true at all, but it all goes so fast.  I see the face in the mirror and it resembles my mother a lot, but not really; only in terms of changes that creep up.

But the babies!  One of the most amazing thing about babies is that the one that is the next size up always looks  so enormous in comparison.  For example, I just remember my husband’s head when our first was born.  It was enormous!  Okay, he does have a big head (gotta fit that brain in somehow), but really it just was ovewhelming.  And then when the next one came along, the firstborn looked equally enormous.

no more waiting.  Baby boy born to our firstborn is here, baruch Hashem, and everyone is healthy.  We will see how big everyone else looks.


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