I love Craig Ferguson

He is just so delightfully devilishly funny. It’s okay; my husband knows.

This is from a recent show–December 2.  You can see the clip here to get the whole effect.  But I copied down the dialogue, plus or minus a bit here and there.

It’s titled “Any time for any emails?” but this is from the end of the bit, so be a little patient and just enjoy the naughty bits.

“This is from so-and so from Riyadh.”

“I heard you’ve been to Saudi Arabia.”

“Yes.  I got up to the border and came back.

I don’t want to be judgmental about your government but

(long long pause)

it’s an eleventh century government in the twenty-first century and I don’t approve of how you run things.

(another pause with a Cheshire cat grin)

and I’m allowed to say that because




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