right of way

My father was noticing how  people do not pay attention to right of way while driving around here.  I agreed, but said that it’s a matter of safety, and that sometimes it’s just much easier/safer to let the other car go, no matter if you have a right.

But I am very frustrated with pedestrian walks here in my community and maybe even more in other ones.

Last week, when we were visiting our daughter in a major Jewish area, I was frustrated with how people did not stop at pedestrian walks.  Surely the Jews should stop.  Surely they should be considerate of others and at least slow down.  Sorely not.

So now that I’m back home in my not-so-“Jewish” but actually statistically probably just as Jewish, I was out walking and had to cross the street.  I was at a proper walkway and I waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Hmmm.  Surely they should know better than those who are too impatient in the bigger city.

Sorely not.


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