vanity of vanities

Now that we have, baruch Hashem, new doors for our washer-dryer (actually not new doors but only new hinges; now they open out instead of on a track), we can go on to the next house repair, the bathroom.  And since we need to replace the tiled floor because of mold/mildew (what’s the actual difference? I don’t know), we can also replace the vanity, which I’ve always disliked ever since we moved in 29 years ago.  And we can replace the fixture that is peeling off little flecks of whatever it is covered with; that can’t be healthy, can it?  But (because there’s usually a but) because it’s quite compact (maybe that’s why they chose such an ugly vanity so many years ago, I’m hoping), there aren’t a lot of choices for such a size.

We had tried to find something last year when we needed the plumber for something else and we inquired about it.  We could have gotten something specially made, but that’s a bit crazy.

Sometime after we decided to tough it out with the ugly cabinet, we got the Ikea catalog in the mail.   And, lo and behold, they have our size vanity!  And it isn’t even too bad looking!

So, politics aside (after all, they do have an Ikea in Israel, and in fact, it’s a great resource for small spaces and small budgets, so), we went in.  Now, husband has never been there before.  So I warn him about what will happen when we get inside, that we will be led on a path to buy things that we don’t really want, but we have to pass through in order to get to where we want–pretty much Wizard of Oz or maybe the Odyssey, more archetypically, I guess.  It’s its own culture and you have to learn the rules of the country when visiting.

Sure enough, even though we tried asking exactly how to get to bath fixtures, we got caught in dinnerware and almost got caught by the sirens.  We got out and we actually found what we came for.  Now to leave…One woman told us one thing, but the signs pointed another way.  “NO!  Don’t follow the signs!  They are there to misdirect!”

As we got to the parking lot, we realized that we had indeed forgotten some of the shelving that had been sold separately, that we had put aside while waiting to get our big order…

Whew.  We made it out alive.

And now for Costco…


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