excuses, excuses

‘Way back on June 11, I wrote about the comfort of having something/one to blame.  And it still holds true, no doubt, but my dear friend Ms. P reminded me of the sheer delight of having something to express our built-in limitations, and that’s the other side of the equation.  She was not sure about something I had said a while back (or she thought I said something that I didn’t remember saying) and she said, “Well, I am now in my 7th decade, so I’m not sure about…”

Wow!  First of all, she makes it very clear that numbers are completely subjective and also that she has great genes.  But really, it’s impressive to think that we are reaching those numbers and looking good, man!  At least some of us are:)

So she is not excusing herself, but she is rightfully putting things into perspective.  That is reasonable and honest.  And since she doesn’t forget that much, it’s an easy thing to say for her, I think, right, Ms. P?


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