maybe it shouldn’t feel normal

We went back into Jerusalem last night to meet with an old friend.  This week, who knows why, there was an enormous amount of traffic going into the city from the south, so the machsom was particularly busy.  Usually, you know that the Palestinians/Arabs go over to the right lane, and the Israelis/Jews stay to the left (maybe only in this case, I don’t know).  But here, there were cars leaving the right lane all the way at the front of the line, backing our lane up even more.  Surprisingly, really shockingly, no one honked.  Honking your car horn seems to be a national pasttime, to the point that my daughter-in-law asked why I didn’t when we were driving into the city last week.  What’s the point?  They’re not going to change their ways.  But it will make you feel better, she said.

Not really. 

So why didn’t anyone honk?  The soldiers were busy checking out cars, including the ones that jumped lanes (all the ones that I saw were Arab Israelis; I can’t vouch for all of them) and they do open up everything.  We (Jews) get waved along.

Shavua Tov, we waved back.

Was it my liberal American upbringing finally kicking in?  Was it my frustration with having to wait so long but then feeling guilty? 


We are trying to figure out where we want to live when we finally get around to moving here.  Of course, it depends on where we would be working (I figure I’ll figure out something; no direction now, which is fine) and the husband will be probably running around to many different places.  So, we would need to be tachlissdik and not live in the Golan or even the Galil, which we would love.  I can’t see living in the Negev, even with the train providing good transportation into Jerusalem.  I can’t see being able to afford living in Jerusalem itself.  So…

Could I handle going through the machsom all the time, if we lived in the Gush?  How would I make sure I wouldn’t lose this perspective?  So I was happy to read this, even if the rest of the world doesn’t get it yet.

Now to figure out how to get that to happen…


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