it feels so normal

Going through the machsom from the Gush to Yerushalayim
Hearing Hebrew
South African
and of course, English
not seeing people we know
seeing people we know
seeing people getting older
meeting babies of the children of people we knew from a long time ago

We bumped into someone we knew from Yeshiva days many many moons ago. He recognized the husband right away. There is no way we would have recognized him. He seemed so tired. It’s uncanny that the husband does not. The rest of us do. At least I have pleasant, if tired, company.

We’re hoping to go birding tomorrow for a couple of days. I’ve always (well, that’s not true, because then we would have done it long ago) wanted to see the migrations in Israel, either in the fall or spring. So here we are in the fall, enjoying glorious weather. Some of the weather reports say that it will rain in the north over the next few days. So be it; we can bend our need to see the birds in the glorious weather for the sake of the many. I hope we get a few good photos, though.


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