Shabbos is a great excuse for forgetting things

Wow, a regular plain old no extras-Shabbos, with only one day total.  Except that I had a terrible cold, enough to make me stay home from shul,  and the husband was running immediately afterwards off to the airport to catch a flight to his latest swirled peas conference in Israel.  The head of the conference was miffed that he wasn’t coming last Thursday so that he would be there bright and early on Sunday morning.  Um, no, there’s a bar mitzvah here.  So?

True, in Israel, rabbis don’t hold up the bar mitzvah boy’s thing, and it isn’t dependent on his blessing. not that that’s exactly accurate here, but leave it as that the parents (okay, just mother) of the BMBoy would be more miffed at his absence than the conference head, so no contest, really.

After all, he’s not even getting paid to do this!  He just has his expenses paid.  Okay for the sake of world peace, let’s give it a chance.

Okay, another chance.

But that’s it, really.

So what did I forget?

When the husband and I were having lunch together, I came up with something absolutely brilliant, or as close as I get.  And husband said, “Oh I see a blog coming!” and I smiled and thought “is that it?  Couldn’t it be more than that?”  But, of course, now that it’s after Shabbos, I only remember the reaction, but not the comment that I originally said…

It will be a bit before I have contact with the husband, him being on the traveling end of things now for a while.  Maybe I’ll remember while I’m sleeping.

One can only hope.

Oh, and I think I’m feeling better enough for now, too.


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