and we’re off!

No, I’m not done packing.  I’m taking a brain-break.  I’m thinking about what else I’m forgetting.  It’s very hot in Israel, but it will probably cool down before I get there.  Since it snowed here today, real snow, sticking snow, I’m looking forward to shvitzing.  And then I’ll get over it probably pretty fast.  But the point is that I don’t need a lot of clothes, since I can get away with packing for summer stuff.  I’m taking enough stuff for the kids, which is crazy, since I got heavy-duty clothes for the little one for the winter.  It will come soon enough, and it gets cold where they are, so I want to err on the side of savtas and bubbies everywhere.  No, I don’t need much, but little tattele does, of course.

I bought new shoes today, plain black flats to replace a pair that have stretched out and don’t support my feet anymore.  That’s reasonable, but in the end, I decided not to take them.  That’s okay; I can use them when I come back.

A friend of mine who made aliyah in the last few years keeps a wardrobe of her American clothes here, since she needs to travel a lot back to the old country.  She would never wear suits, etc, there in Israel, but she is realistic about using them here.  I like being able to dress down in Israel.  The husband took off his tie after Shabbos and I asked him if he was going to take it with him.  “No, we’re going to Israel, remember?”

I remember.

And then someone drops off a package of ties for us to take to their son who just made aliyah.  But he doesn’t live in Israel; he lives in Bnei Brak.  (Okay, that was a political aside.)  But I figure bringing him his ties is like shaliach mitzvah money people give you to get you there, but a little larger.  Whatever works, right?


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