the mystery solved, perhaps

We have had problems with black spots on clean laundry lately.  My son-in-law questioned why his shirts were full of them after being washed.  We also wondered, but avoided the problem.  After all, we had just replaced our washer last year, and what could go wrong with a dryer?

Well, the guy comes out today to look at it, the washer, under an extended warranty, and nope, it’s not the washer.  The dryer has belts that are coming apart and catching the garments (the varmints) occasionally in, if ever so briefly.

Shucks.  I’m glad it’s not the new washer, but this means that we have to replace the dryer, since it’s not cost-effective to fix a 31-year old appliance.

The repair man wondered if we ever got rid of our old stove, that he had come to replace the igniter a few times.  Yes, we did, also around the same time as the washer.  But that was when I was working full-time, and now I’m not, and now we’re leaving for this trip…


We’re not really big spenders, but we do like to have nice things and not think about budgeting for them too much.  But that’s because we don’t really spend a lot, I don’t think, at least compared to many people.  I try not to be such a conspicuous consumer, even though I know I’m not completely immune; I will admit to that.

But I think that we are not on the crazy path that so many people are on; we don’t have cable; we only have one car; we don’t go out very much (I don’t remember the last time, but it’s been busy around here).  We throw big parties.  Weddings, that is.  Even then, we’ve tried to keep it down, but that’s another entry.

But boys and toys; the husband has a bunch of electronic toys.  I do have a nice computer screen, but mostly because the one that we had died and needed to be replaced.  Yes, if we really couldn’t buy one, we would have to figure something else out.

Lately I have seen many contests such as this one, asking people to vote on their favorite, well, hessed project, except most of them aren’t Jewish sponsored.  Here’s another one that’s from Israel that’s fantastic.  It is a wonderful thing, perhaps out of necessity (Did you know it was Plato who said “Necessity, who is the mother of invention”, but it was Marshall McLuhan who wrote “Invention is the mother of necessities”?), but I am impressed with people’s ingenuity, scrappiness, and generosity of spirit.

So we will figure out a way to pay for a new dryer, and maybe I’ll really get inspired in a big way along the way, too.


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