does anyone remember all those numbers?

We’re getting ready to go to Israel for a few weeks, the husband to a conference and me to the littlest one and parents.  Why not?  It’s only money.  But I never really had a summer vacation so I deserve it.  (HAH!)

Whether I do or not, I am taking the opportunity, even though we’re traveling separately, which is a first, I think, since we’ve been married, that I am traveling abroad on my own.

So that’s partly something I’m looking forward to, being by myself for a while, but on the other hand, I don’t mind having the husband take care of shlepping things, figuring out how much things cost, including tipping,  and all those other manly endeavors.  But it is what it is, so this is what we’re doing.  So to get ready for the trip, along with buying a bunch of stuff for the littlest one (and family), I am recording all of my info; reservations, PIN #’s of all kinds, passwords for websites of all kinds.  Who can remember all of it?  Of course, no one should.  But how did we get caught into this maze of info?

I am re-reading The Gutenberg Galaxy.   What a fantastic book!  Truly essential reading even if already almost 40 years old!  This is where the he uses the expression about a global village, even if it’s really attributable to others (de Chardin, Joyce, perhaps).  But he also talks about how the use of the alphabet really governs our behavior.  He also distinguishes between oral and written cultures, considering the “modern” (of 40 years ago) culture schizophrenic due to its use of the written codes.  So I wonder how we are affected as Jews, clinging to our oral and our written codes.  I wonder if anyone has examined it with the GG as a background or as a starting point.


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