I don’t like doing angry rants

so I won’t.  But I am impressed with this blog entry that pegs things clearly.  Quick fixes seem to be the epidemic of our times.  People obsessed with the pursuit of happiness without the thrill of the hunt.  When we are so fixated on the end without the enjoyment of the means, we will be continually focused on the newer and the bigger.  Nothing will be enough.

We know some people who run off to Uman every Rosh Hashanah.  Let me rephrase that–some men who leave their families and go off to get their high.  I know I’m not a holy seeker, but there is something so fundamentally wrong with couples who are split up over Rosh Hashanah, not because they are doctors saving lives, or even rabbis serving congregations that don’t have appropriate facilities for their children, but selfish fools that need their fix.  I don’t pity those fools; only their poor children.

Rosh Hashanah is a time when we have all of these simmanim, all kinds of foods that we want to symbolize the kind of year we want.  We take extra time to ask Hashem to pun along with us, tearing up the bad decrees if we eat Hebrew gourds, increasing our merits if we eat Yiddish carrots or if we eat Aramaic black-eyed peas.  And there’s the thing about not taking a nap on Rosh Hashanah, because we want to be awake for the year.  I personally, want to make sure I get naps during the year, so I dafka try to nap.  So, if we are going to go to all of this trouble to set up these paradigms of behavior, why in the world would we want to be away from our families?

I guess the question is the answer here.  Yup, marriage education once again.  Pity.


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