I didn’t ask the dentist about my neighbor

I had a dentist appointment this morning to fill the spot of an old filling that he knocked out while checking my teeth a few weeks ago.  He knows it probably got worked out because of stress, and we’ve had many discussions how we take out our stress on our teeth, he and I, among other people we know.

I’ve had the appointment for a few weeks and I’m usually extremely prompt.  In fact, I really almost always try to be early for appointments, because I don’t want people to have to wait for me.  So I usually end up waiting for them, but that’s okay.  And I really wanted to ask him about my old neighbor and what he was like.

So why was I late today?

There was a phone call…

If you know me, you know I’m very careful about picking up the phone.  I think that the 2 greatest inventions of the last century were the phone machine and caller ID, working in tandem.  I don’t want to be a slave to the phone or any technology.  I want it working for me.  That’s the premise.  So if I knew the phone call might be a problem, why did I pick it up?

First of all, my husband wasn’t available.  He had just come back from a run.  I was on the computer, waiting to go to the dentist.  I had already dismissed the reminder from my Outlook Calendar, and I knew where I had to be at 9:30.

What is it about some people?  This was someone who was trying to help someone else, so I was trying to help her help this other person.  And then she was saying how much time it was taking for her to make arrangements for this other person and how she was very picky and her phone call took so long and this was so complicated and

on and on and on

until there was another call on the other line

from the dentist’s office.

“I’m sure it will work out.  I have to get this call.”

“Sorry, I’ll be right there.”

The receptionist didn’t smile when I came in. I don’t blame her. The dentist was fine, as I apologized but not profusely. I stated that there was a mistake on my part by picking up the phone, when I should have let the machine get it. He got it. He knows about being on vacation and having the phone ring with an emergency, and he can’t let it go. I’m not saving anyone’s teeth.

During the phone call, she said how she cried after speaking to the first person, and she told her husband she’s really going to need teshuvah for this.  He told her that she was doing Bikur Holim during the phone call. I told her the same thing. Now, what was I getting or doing doing my phone call? I was trying to make the system work. These are volunteers for our shul, doing mitzvah work but in the context of the shul. I want it to go smoothly and not have people quit. Too many volunteer positions fail because there isn’t enough support or people keep needing to invent the same wheel.

But we need 4 wheels, so we should just cut and paste.

The next vehicle can have a new wheel.


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