missing the boat

I don’t really have anything to say, so I’ll import today.  Here’s a great mashal (analogy) for so much of what’s going on:

[Here’s] a story told to me many years ago by famed radio host Barry Farber:

A reporter is dispatched to cover a high school basketball game but doesn’t file a story. As deadline approaches the editor irritably calls the journalist into his office and asks where is the story?

“There isn’t any story,” says the reporter.

“Why not?” asks the editor.

“There wasn’t any game,” the journalist replies.

“Why not?” asks the editor.

“The gym burned down.”

Barry Rubin is using this story beautifully to reflect on American politicos’ inability to see what’s really going on in Iran; it’s worth reading.

I’ll just use it as a teaser for Ellul thinking and reflecting.


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