time to make the challah

but I will say just a few things here now.

It’s very funny what you can find out about people through the internet.  For my job, I needed to gather some bio information, so I went ahuntin’.  For some people, I found all kinds of things; photos of their babies, wedding announcements, book publishings, blogs raving against some, lots of good stuff, but not really usable for my purposes.  And then there are some people who I know are public figures but have nothing that’s significant at all.  Are they not human?  Do they not bleed?

And of course I am using a variety of search engines.  As much as I hate to admit it, google is still the best.  That’s my instinct to go against the herd, but I have to use what works.

I asked people to send in their resumes by tomorrow, and if they didn’t, I would be forced to make something up.  Well, this is what I actually sent them:

I want to print out all the materials tomorrow, so I will have to make up your bio if you do not send one in to me by then.

Please remember that I was a kindergarten teacher for over 20 years, so I have an excellent imagination!

And it worked!  I got bios within a half-hour for almost all the slackers.  That’s pretty successful.

But I’m a little worried that I won’t hear from the ones that I can’t find anything on…

Because I will be posting this and then when someone else wants to find out things about that person,  what I write will be the source!


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