“In order for a caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly taking its beauty out into the world, it must first spend time in a cocoon. Unfortunately, most non-Orthodox Jews don’t believe in a cocoon, and most Orthodox Jews don’t believe in flying into the world.”
–Dennis Prager

Except that’s not what I remember being told he said.  I remember the first part, but the second part?  Now I have to remember who told me.

Apparently, Dennis Prager uses the word “cocoon” fairly often, and most of the time, not in a positive way.  He decries the cocoon of secularists, of universities,  but endorses (in any version) the need for Jewish education, which produces the kind of cocoon that protects the young until they are strong enough to take off on their own.  That’s a great image and very worthwhile.  I don’t know about the quote that I found above, since I don’t know where and if this was said, but I do know that there is a problem with continuing that kind of cocooning too long.  The butterfly simply rots.  It’s a good image, yes?

What has been happening in the cocooned worlds of the (Oh please let’s start calling the Hareidi communities “Quakers”, since that’s what Hareidi means and by all means, let’s stop calling them “Ultra-orthodox” or “fervently”, except maybe fabrenta) Jewish Quakers (or should we call them Quackers?; that’s what I keep writing by accident) shows the damage of such insulation.  I read the saddest example of that today here.  We are warped and I am so sad.  But perhaps there is some redemption, because in the same edition, this editorial shows great wisdom by stating their sin of omission by not attending this “assifa” that was held last week in Brooklyn.   They recommend watching this true hero, Benjamin Braffman,  speak.  I do, too (even though I’ve only seen parts I, II, and some of III).

The question is, what do we do now?


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