old dog, new tricks

Well, perhaps you can teach one.

I have learned a lot about the computer by just doing it.  I had to make labels and I had to figure out how to do it on my own (yes perhaps I could have waited to find someone to help, but that takes longer than just trying it myself, I have found).  Word wasn’t helpful, but I finally did it!  So hurray for me.  I deserve to feel good about that.

Of course the reason I needed the labels was for something I needed to give to someone tomorrow, and the thing hasn’t arrived yet.  Perhaps tomorrow, probably after they leave.

Oh well.  I’m still learning.

I have yet to learn how to display a poker face.

I still need to learn to slow down my reactions to THE INJUSTICE OF THE UNIVERSE, which usually means people didn’t think before doing something, or didn’t bother thinking of consequences.  Or usually just means somebody didn’t bother (okay, still editoriallizing) to put something away.  Usually food.

I am blown away by the professionalism of someone who has learned how to react appropriately.  If you haven’t seen this YouTube from Benjamin Braffman, please do so now.  And thank you for your visit.  Come again!


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