now watch out

I was walking home today, watching a boy riding his bike.  He was watching the playground across the street.  He bumped into a pole on the side of the sidewalk.  I smiled and then I realized I almost bumped into a barricade that is usually used to block off our shul parking lot on Shabbat, but today was in an unusual spot in the parking lot, blocking off a pretty significant hole in the asphalt!

Who’s watching out for me?

There has been a deer sighting across the street from our house.  I don’t know if it’s the same one/s that I’ve seen down the street.  There are certainly more trees there.  They are getting very brave or brazen or lazy.  I guess we have to watch out more for deer ticks now for sure.

There is a house that was sold on the closest street that I walk back and forth every day to work/shul.  I had heard rumors that the couple moving in perhaps would be members of our shul; why else would you want to live so close?  I saw the moving truck on my first leg of the morning.  It was a company that had a Hebrew/Israeli name, so I thought good chance.  So I watched as I went back and forth to see if I could spot the owners and not just the movers.  Then, on trip#3, I saw a guy walking outside by the garage.

He wasn’t wearing a kippah, but maybe he was a friend helping.

By the time I had come in for the last time at night, I realized that

  1. this family/couple likes to grill
  2. the man I saw seems to be the one cooking outside
  3. I don’t know if we will see a mezuzah on the doorpost, but I’d be really surprised if we saw them at our shul.

But since I know anything is possible, I will still be watching out for them.


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