Shabbat Shalom ∞ shavua tov

You can put in lots of symbols into this blog.  I wanted some kind of symbol for back and forth; this works, I think.  I didn’t know whether to wish people a Shabbat Shalom or a Shavua Tov after the fast tonight, since Thursday is already time to wish for a good Shabbos, but after the 9 days are finally gone, I really want to wish people a special word for that feeling of a good week ahead.  Except that it’s almost Shabbos.

So the circular symbol of infinity.  Which I guess should really be a spiral.  It’s infinite for G-d, but for us, a spiral, starting and going somewhere, even if it feels circular.

Shavua tov ∞ Shabbat  Shalom.


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