audio-visual club of now

When I was young and little, the kids who were in the AV club were pretty much the same ones who are known as techies/geeks today.  They were already in different universes and didn’t really relate to others.  I guess they were like some kind of alien life form interacting with their hosts.  Never having seen Star Wars, I am guessing it’s something like the famous (only because my husband so very often refers to it that it feels like everyone else must have seen it by now) scene at the bar with all kinds of creatures united in their quest for booze.

So now everyone is somewhat geeky and has to be cognizant of and savvy with all kinds of gadgets.  Except they wouldn’t be called gadgets.  What do savvy people call them?  ummm.  This shows my anti-geekiness, that I don’t have this knowledge.  I am so proud of myself that I have learned how to upload, download, reload pictures.  I even know how to do a bit of elementary photoshopping.  Probably about what elementary kids could do, maybe in Malaysia.  But I am definitely not a member of the AV club of now.

But do you really need this to track happiness?  Are we really so lost without our machines?

Maybe we have met the enemy and we are not us?


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