Jews who have pick-up trucks

Our shul parking lot is accross the street from a town park.  We manage to close it on Shabbat and Yom Tov with some simple chains and posts, (according to by-laws of our mothership) but during the week, it stays open.  There is a sign that says something like “Don’t enter unless you mean to be at this building.  That means you.”  But I would be amazed if anyone is deterred by that sign.  As we know, most people read “you” as everyone else besides them.

What ensues is an interesting display of motor vehicles.  And was it just a year ago that gas prices were over $4 a gallon?  Have we learned nothing, people?

And yet, how many of our own people have pick-ups for work?  Actually, a lot.  I love that about our town and about our shul in particular.  I love that we are less spoiled than many others.  Isn’t it funny that less-spoiled means driving in a big thing?  Wouldn’t less-spoiled really mean walk instead? But we do that, too!  And we have a lot of people who ride their bikes, and not just for exercise.  Well, a lot of kids, certainly.   And these are good kids who are coming to shul to participate in a minyan, even in the summer when they could be sleeping late(r).   I’m really proud of those kids.

Actually, I took a photo of the sign today.  As I was doing that, people were parking and locking up and walking across the street to the park to participate in their religion, kids’ team sports.   The way they are chanting is just like prayer, isn’t it?



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