the little angels

It’s a wonderful thing to be a grandparent; no direct responsibility but lots of love for these precious beings.  And then again, it’s so hard to be far away from them, so that you don’t have direct influence on their lives.  But you might be saying that’s not a bad thing necessarily.

There are always points to be made back and forth.  And I will think about them all.  There is one woman who has trained her kids that they will grow up and live around the corner from her.  That was their motto.  Now that her oldest is getting to a marriageable age, I wonder if she still thinks she could pull it off.  I can be pretty sure that this is not the closest thing on her son’s mind.

But probably not the farthest, either.

Looking at photos on Facebook is wonderful.  Emailing chains of letters is hysterical, at times.  But the kiddies have not joined the correspondence channel yet.  And when I want to talk to them on the phone, sometimes they are only willing in order to get the phone away from a sibling, not really for conversation.  And our little one in Israel must think we are very odd-looking from our Flat Stanley-ish Skype appearance.

There’s a wonderful book about Jewish immigration to America called Buba Leah and Her Paper Children.   A young girl in the Old Country doesn’t understand how Buba Leah has turned her children into paper children, until she sees the letters that she has collected from them, telling about their lives in far-away America.  So our paper is electronic.  And even having photos to show (off to) others is great, when I remember to get them.  I forget to finish orders of photos from online services, prompting them to send me messages, “Ooops!  We think you forgot something.”  I wish they’d send me messages when I forget other things.

But I realize that I’m not the only one who has to rely on pictures to remember my little loved ones.   One night a little while ago, I was turning off my computer when I remembered a thought I had about why G-d wanted angels, the cherubim, all around the Mishkan and the Holy Temple.  I remembered at that moment that I was turning off the computer because I have my angels on my screensaver.  G-d just likes having pictures of His kids all around, like any proud parent.

Or grandparent.


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