mother-in-law lessons, how to be a good one

My girls say that I love their husbands more than I do them.  Of course!  And they probably think I love my daughters-in-law more than them, but they haven’t told me that yet.  Probably now they will…I don’t know what my boys would say, but I think they wouldn’t care to say anything.  They are amazingly in love with their wonderful wives and I am so grateful.

After our last wedding, someone very wise and very blessed in his own life told us that children marrying someone you love shows that they have no anger in their hearts.   I think that is a wonderful validation of opening your heart to let more people in.  If there is anger, there is no room for anyone else.  I am not foolish enough to believe that there is plenty of reason for resentment, frustration, angst, and disappointment against me for things that I need to clop Al Cheyt on Yom Kippur that are still hanging around.  I am painfully aware of my faults and limitations,  and I am again so grateful for grandchildren who have only love to give, so that I can try harder to get the loving just right.  And what I try to self-reinforce is a particular sense of that gratitude how we are given these chances to do things better each time around.

So with new members of the family; no, it’s not that I love them more.  I am just so happy that there are more people to love and that they are willing to let me be part of their lives.

So I try to leave them alone for the most part, but I hope they know I will try to be there/here when they need more.  Need I say more?


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