anonymous threat

Blogging is the biggest threat to journalism today, according to a speaker I heard recently.  He is in the newpaper business, and he sees how truth and standards are compromised by the anonymity of most blogs.  There is no accountability, so anything can get thrown into the world.

Someone today told me that a relative sent him a test online that is supposed to prove whether you are right-brained or left-brained, depending on how you see something move.  When he challenged the validity of it, she responded,”well it has to be true.  It was on the internet.”

Except that she is a professor of education…

Tongue-in-cheek?  Maybe not.  So how do I continue my charade of anonymity?  Quite easily.  I think that with all the laws and details of the laws against speaking Lashon HaRa, that bad tongue (out of cheek), I am safer with this mask of distance.  It helps me from revealing myself, which helps keep me from revealing too much about particulars of other people.  So for me, it is a saving grace.

And so things, once again, are not always as they seem.  And maybe even the Chofetz Chaim would agree.


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