what do you see when you walk

I saw my neighbor the other day.  It was like seeing a bear emerge from hibernation, seeing him move so deliberately yet so slowly.  I think he must be 94 at the least, since he retired the year we moved in, and that’s saying he was only minimum retirement age.  He seemed ancient then…

I saw a beautiful hawk today flying over the playground.  I wonder if the kids and their moms noticed it, since it was really low down over the trees.  Not enough to make a shadow, but it wasn’t making any noise, so probably not.  Do kids look up when they hear an airplane?  A helicopter?  A jet plane?

I saw another neighbor who was wearing the whitest biggest brimmed Panama hat.  The hat was almost too heavy for him to balance, so he, too, moved slowly and deliberately.  He is also somewhere around that same big amount of years.

I was moving fast today, since I had to do a lot of walking to get things from my house to the shul in a hurry.  It was a beautiful day, and I felt so good to be moving fast and deliberate.  I am working with young adults and I wonder if they see me as I saw my neighbor when I first moved into town.  Oh, of course not…IMG_2479


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