Are you new?

I saw a mail carrier today as I was going back to work mid-day (yesterday I saw a deer on my way to work; I thought that perhaps the deer was wounded, since it was walking so slowly accross the street, but then it pounced away in its deer-way as I took out my camera to take a shot).  The reason that it struck me as being unusual as I realized not only was he not our normal mail carrier, but that he was the first non-white mail carrier in our parts.  I thought if I asked him if he was new, he may answer something out of an Abbott and Costello routine, yes he was Niu (I’m just making this up out of sheer ignorance but not disinterest).  But where’s Pat?  Our regular carrier?  And then I think that all our mail carriers have been Irish.  And all the workers in our local post office are either Irish or Italian.  So having someone of any other ethnicity points out the nature of things as they were.  There are certainly many people of Asian descent who live around here, so why wouldn’t they work in the post office?

I think more importantly it points out how we are creatures of habit and we don’t gravitate to change.  When it is put upon us, some of us accept and go on our way.  What is it about holding on that is comforting?


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