If you’ve seen the movie, you’d remember at least the scene where the mother gets her face stretched out, even if you don’t remember the whole bizarre thing.  It’s a great movie; I’m not giving anything away by mentioning that.  It’s an image that sticks with you.

Modern Orthodox is like being stretched out like that, trying to fit in so many worlds/worldviews at once that it can easily become uncomfortably garrish.  And ineffective.

Lately I’ve noticed how so many MO seem to put more emphasis onto being fit in order to fit in.  So any extra time that they may have will be devoted to running rather than attending a class.  I think taking care of your health is clearly essential, but where is the time that they need to put into their spiritual health, if nothing else…I don’t know where they should take the time and how to make the changes.  I just know that they are fooling themselves to thing that their children are not noticing.

Does it have to be one against the other?

Where’s the balance?  Isn’t that the healthiest way?


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