shomer pitaim hashem

May G-d protect those fools.

I read recently that someone felt bad because he traveled a certain long distance but forgot to say the traveler’s prayer.   What do you do with the guilt?  Then there are those who say tefilat haderech and then throw their kids in the car and their fate to the winds.  You see it all the time in Israel.   They have these tiny little tin clown cars and shove their progeny in, luftmenschen that shouldn’t have licenses in the first place.  License to kill, rachmoniss, really.

Why should G-d protect those fools?

Okay, perhaps I am being harsh.  After spending many years in the classroom and seeing how parents neglect their children, if not worse, I am sad.  We should be angry how we collectively don’t take care of the gifts that we are given.  The fact is that there were always more deaths on the roads in Israel than at any time during any war/terrorist act.  Have we met the enemy yet?


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