maybe some of these people should be an island

I just finished reading this about parenting.

Jerzy Kosinski once told about an experiment he did with school children from inner city neighborhoods where he asked them to tell about things they may have done.  Usually this was met with silence.  Then he put cameras in the room, whether working or otherwise, and they spilled everything, regaling of decent or indecent activities.

Now when I heard this radio interview, I hadn’t heard anything about how Kosinski was accused of being a fake, that his writing was plagiarized from Polish accounts of the Holocaust, or that he would end his own life.  But how much attention does anyone need?  Is blogging my way of getting the attention that I feel I deserve?

In Hebrew there is an expression “magi’ah li”.  It comes to me.  I deserve it.  It’s used a lot in Israel.  But it seems to be how people act here in the states certainly.  What do you deserve and why?  What have you done that warrants such?  The opposite of gratitude is this attitude.   But here with the newer attitude is that you don’t need to do anything; you just need to prove that “lo magiah li”, I don’t deserve it, but whatever…

Am I too confusing here?  Parents who want to prove that they are terrible parents, but want to get off the hook.  No guilt.  How does that help the world?  Turn the cameras off, please.  We are running to bend over backwards to prove we are unworthy, so what?  So we won’t be held responsible for the mess of the world?

Um, yes, you will.  You can’t get out of mutual responsibility because it is still your world, too.  As much as you want to admit that you are not perfect, you still have to try harder.  Cameras are always on.  No, I’m not talking about Big Brother watching up in the sky.  I’m talking about all the patterns of our lives that add up to who we are.  Certainly our children are always watching.  So we might as well pay attention, too.


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