curtain call

A few weeks ago at our Friday night Shabbat dinner, I looked up at our curtains, as I have done for how many years now?  But maybe because my vision isn’t as good as it used to be, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, (I can’t stand wearing them when I eat; I’m not sure why), but I saw a vision peering at me from the curtain.

At right, at the top.  From the blue flower, the one with the violet bottom, I saw…


Okay, you look and tell me if you see anything.  Nothing?  Okay, I’ll have to try a different perspective for you.


Do you see him now?

Chofetz Chaim

The Chofetz Chaim!

Okay, a little too awesome for my Shabbos table.  So I stepped back into the kitchen and yes!  Lo and behold, I saw someone else.



MOTS: if things look too dire, take a step back!

2 responses

    • what can i say about the chofetz chaim? i think i’ll write about that now…

      simply that things look very different from different perspectives; rembrandt saw things his way and…

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