not much is revealed

I want to keep my anonymity in this post; not that I am planning on using it to talk against anyone without them “knowing” who I am.  We all know that doesn’t work, and the only thing that kind of anger releases is more anger.  But I want to be able to use this to display a general connection with the universe.  I know that is already not possible.  One, I have stated that I want to advertise/market/promote my female voice, or, in other words, write about myself as a woman.  So that knowingly changes the perspective, not that it shouldn’t be understood by men (that is the point, yes?).

Two,  I wrote that I am married.  Even more, I wrote that my husband is a rabbi.  I will now state that he is an orthodox rabbi.  Perhaps and probably I will talk about religion more formally another time, because that is a lot of who I am.  I will also state for the record that the photo that I posted on the “about me” page is taken in Israel, right near Rosh Hanikra, and that I long to live there.  In Israel, more than likely not on the Mediterranean or even on the water.  But somewhere I promise myself in that Promised Land.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll become an unnatural expansion!  That would be very cool indeed!!!

Three, we have children and we have grandchildren.  I am not old enough to have grandchildren, but perhaps I am old enough to have grandchildren, but not children.  So that is a wonderful thing.  Let me kvell about my grandchildren!  Oh another time, perhaps.

Four, but who’s counting?  I was a teacher and I have switched to an ancillary kind of job now.  I won’t reveal that now, since I want to maintain that level of anonymity for that.  But I do plan on using this as a soapbox for education and for promoting children’s rights.  And responsibilities.

I just edited out a whole thing I wrote  about Mr. Rogers and how I disagree with his theory of “I like you just the way you are” but it quickly got me into lashon hara, that evil talk I said I wasn’t going to do, so I’ll figure out how to do that effectively at another time.

And then I said I was doing Marriage Education.  It’s important to say it’s not counseling.  My main image for this is that you have to take driver’s ed for a long time before getting behind a wheel, but we allow people to get behind a wheel of a marriage, which, we all know, can do a lot more permanent damage  to a lot more people than driving, without more than a marriage license.  So I’m trying to work on requiring every couple to take lessons before they get married.

Off soapbox.  For now.


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