Because I am the voice behind the curtain

I recently did many new things, which is good, I guess, for someone who is no longer new.  The bigggest thing is that my husband and I married off our last child, which I will talk about at another time probably.  But what did I do by myself?  I also recently applied for a fellowship, which actually wasn’t the first time I did that.  But this one  inquired whether or not I had a blog. I had answered no, because I didn’t think I had anything of particular importance to talk about. I didn’t get the fellowship, which was okay, and maybe I’ll talk about the reasons for that later, too. But what came out of the wedding and the application was, perhaps, a reason to speak out for myself.

Notice I said “out”, please. My kids, well, one of them in particular, says that I don’t speak up for myself. I don’t think that’s true, and I’m fascinated that she has that perception. When I was teaching, I think I was well-known for speaking out, and even more than that, I didn’t need to speak. I just had to glare.  Now that I am working from home, perhaps my glare isn’t as apparent, so maybe here’s the need to speak out.

I left formal teaching after many many years last year. One of the things that I did was attend a Marriage Education conference, so that my husband and I could become official Marriage Educators. He is a rabbi, so he gets to counsel many couples about marriage. I have been glaringly speaking out to him for many many years about the need for all couples to get formal training before they get married so that we avoid many problems that are almost inevitable for couples today. So we took a great course at the Smart Marriages conference with PREP (you see, I’ve learned how to do all these neat things like inset links with my new job) and so now we are “certified”, since one needs titles and all to prove oneself in the world. And the other reason that I wanted to have this training was because I was distressed, to say the least, about the way parents of my former students were treating their children.  One way I handled that was to leave the classroom, but I knew that wasn’t enough. I realized that we could not just blame the media or the outside world, but we had to correct the lack of communication and healthy relationship with the parents themselves.  And thus the marriage education thing again.

Yet,  as much as the voices in a relationship need to get heard, I think that everyone will agree that a woman needs to be heard, or more importantly, needs to have that assurance and then the reassurance that she is being heard. (Honey, are you listening?)

And I think this is enough for an introduction.


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